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Haida artist Dion Williams was born on December 14, 1980 in Skidegate, and raised on Haida Gwaii.


Williams began learning to carve in 2004 under his godfather Wayne Wilson, and has been influenced by Wilson’s intricate workmanship, style and consistency. Williams also credits his brother Greg Williams, and cousin Jim Edenshaw as being mentors and teachers.


Williams enjoys working in different mediums, and is an avid weaver and print maker as well as a skillful jeweler. His jewellery is appreciated by art enthusiasts due to his incredible abalone inlay work, a process that certainly surpasses the engraving methods so many jewelers employ.


Williams is an active participant in his culture as a singer, dancer and fisherman. He belongs to the Raven Clan. If you are interested in custom ordering a piece by this artist, please contact us for information.