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Doug LaFortune of Tsawout and Quw’utsun’ First Nation was born in Bellingham, Washington August 25, 1953. His maternal grandfather Dick Harry was the Hereditary Chief of the Tsawout First Nation.


LaFortune was raised in Duncan, BC where he attended high school and upon graduation,

studied Fine Art at Victoria’s Camosun College. In 1972 LaFortune visited world renowned Cowichan artist Hwunumetse', or Simon Charlie. A distinguished master carver who received the Order of BC in 2001 and the Order of Canada in 2003, Charlie was an outstanding teacher and mentor for all who worked under him. LaFortune began as Charlie’s apprentice in 1972, and spent the following years developing his skills, style and artistic expression.


LaFortune is a versatile artist known for his playful sculptures, powerful masks, elegant feast dishes, totem poles and paintings. His pieces are often left in their natural state to exhibit the natural beauty of the wood pieces he chooses to sculpt. LaFortune has three impressive Totem Poles in Duncan, which is the “City of Totems.” These three poles include “Raven’s Gift,” as well as “The Feast” and “Family Pole,” which acknowledges the birth of his son Bear Horne (also known as Douglas Horne).


In 2011, LaFortune’s Heron and Frog Bronze Cast Fountain was installed in Victoria’s uptown, and is a remarkable example of the grace and elegance he so often reveals through sculpture.




Camosun College - Fine Arts Program

Simon Charlie – Apprenticeship



Raven's Gift - City of Totems, Duncan BC​

The Feast - City of Totems, Duncan BC​

Family Pole - City of Totems, Duncan BC​

Heron & Frog Fountain - Victoria BC 2011

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