Harold Alfred was born in 1953 in Alert Bay on Cormorant Island near the Northeast tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. He belongs to the Namgis tribe and is a member of the Kwak-waka’wakw (formerly Kwakiutl) Nation. Alfred's works are sold in such places as the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Royal British Columbia Provincial Museum.


Growing up in Alert Bay, one couldn’t help but be infl­uenced by the great Masters of the past. As a result, Alfred produces outstanding work which has a contemporary feel with a strong sense of the past. Alfred shows his respect for his heritage by observing the high standards set by past Masters and applies the same standards of quality and workmanship to his own art works. In his work he strives to apply and impart love, hope and joy.


Alfred’s distinct lines and forms clearly depict strong traditional designs true to the Kwak-waka’wakw art form. His crest is the powerful Thunderbird, with its curled horns and curved beak, which is one of the founding Crests of the Namgis.


Alfred presently lives in Victoria, BC with his family.

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