Artisan Moscow Mule Mugs

Artisan Moscow Mule Mugs


This beautiful Moscow Mule mug was hand-pounded and forged in fire by the artisans of Copperlife Atesanias in the small Pueblo Magico Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico.  These are a traditional style for serving Moscow Mules or other cold beverages (We do not recommend you drink hot beverages from copper!)    


Copper-making has been a long-standing tradition in the territory of the P'urepecha peoples, who were proficient with metal-smithing prior to the arrival of the Spanish.  In the 1500s, Don Vasco Quiroga built a smelter in Santa Clara del Cobre, and the towns artisans have been highly productive since.  If you are interested in art tours, please contact us for more information about our area!  


Jennifer Bjarnason - Proprietress