These gorgeous Maya textiles are created on a back strap loom and backed with soft cotton.  The elastics are strung through the sides, and can be carefully synched to create a puckered edge.  The adjustable style makes these a great mask for everyone, as their size can be altered.

These lovely pieces were all woven in the Maya village of Zinacantan, Chiapas Mexico.  Also known as a waist loom, traditional back-strap looms are used all over Mexico.  The back-strap is positioned around the back of the body, attaching to the loom in front of the weaver.  The loom strings extend to something stationary to hold the other end.  Back-strap looms are typically used for weaving shawls and scarves, and other smaller projects like these masks!  

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Back-Strap Woven Maya Face Mask