Coast Salish & Kwakwaka’wakw artist Noel Brown was born to Donna and Jerry Brown in Snuneymuxw (Nanaimo) on Vancouver Island.


Noel gained an interest in First Nations art as a young child, and began learning when he was young under his cousins Richard and Matthew Baker, Chris and Doran Lewis and Craig Manson. Brown credits James Christopher Lewis as being his main inspiration for why he started carving in 1995.


Brown has collaborated on large scale Totem Poles, creates drum designs and pieces that are used in the Big House, and also creates art pieces for the art market. Brown can often be found crafting custom pieces of jewellery, which has become his full time passion and career. Please contact us if you would like to custom order work by this artist.




2015 - Walking with our Sisters – IHOS Gallery, Comox BC




2005 - Native Spirit Pumpkins for Loaves & Fishes; Copper Moon Gallery, Nanaimo BC

2006 - Native Spirit Pumpkins for Loaves & Fishes; Copper Moon Gallery, Nanaimo BC

Frog Pendant by Noel Brown

  • FROG

    Frogs warn humans of imminent danger. Frogs represent stability, foundations and communication, which correlate with environmental observations about contamination and a worrisome decline in frog populations. Frog and Salmon both represent fertility in different regions along the coast. As a creature who lives in both water and on land, Frog is respected for being adaptable and knowledgeable. He is an important assistant to medicine men.


    Frog faces are depicted with large round or oval eyes, tiny nostrils and long, closed lips that are often smiling and sometimes have a protruding tongue. The tongue represents transfer of knowledge. Frog is most recognizable when the whole body is shown, as the front and hind legs have webbed feet.​​




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