Full Moon Rattle by James Johnny Jr.

Full Moon Rattle by James Johnny Jr.



Kwakwaka’wakw & Coast Salish artist James Johnny Jr was born on July 5, 1973 in Victoria, BC Canada. He takes the Killer Whale as his family crest. Johnny began drawing and carving when he was 13. Like his father Chief Jim Johnny of Snuneymuxw, he is a prolific carver.


Though Johnny carves masks and monumental pieces, he is well known for his beautiful bowls, talking sticks, rattles and three dimensional sculptures. Please contact us if you would like to custom order work by this artist.



    Though Moon is not a common crest, it is affiliated with transformation. Mover of tides, Moon is viewed as a very powerful protector and is often associated with Medicine people. 

    Moon is affiliated with Wolf, as both are considered nocturnal. Moon is also associated with Killer Whale and Lingcod, as it is believed that during the eclipse, the Moon had been swallowed by such sea creatures – so great fires were lit to choke the sea creature until they spat Moon back out into the night sky. Sometimes, Moon has a labret marking on the lower lip to symbolize female energy. Of course the most famous story of all involving the Moon is that of Raven bringing light to the world. For this reason, Raven is often depicted with a full moon in his beak. ​


    Franz Boas Indian Myths & Legends from the North Pacific Coast of America: A Translation of Franz Boas' 1895 Edition of Indianische Sagen von der Nord-Pacifischen Kuste Amerikas (2006)


    Rattles are used in ceremony for different reasons, and are commonly affiliated with medicine.  The dancer conceals the rattle, as it is a sacred object.  Artists will rarely ever disclose what they use inside the rattle for sound, as this is also considered sacred.

    This Full Moon has Coast Salish designs around the face, and abalone inlays.  This was the first piece we procured prior to opening our doors in August 2004.  It remains a lovely and beautifully crafted piece.  

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