Hand Embroidered Dress

Hand Embroidered Dress


This piece is cream and is hand stitched and hand embroidered. If you compare it to the lesser expensive blouses in the same style (priced at $70), you will see the stitching along the neckline and down the sides is extremely fine on Israel’s work. This dress is very fine embroidery, including the hand-stitching of the actual dress, and the ornamentations. The piece took about one month to make. A truly classic piece that if washed by hand, and cared for, should last for many years to come.

Nation: Purepecha - from Central Mexico
Medium: Cotton
Chest: 49” (Should fit a 42" chest and under)
Underarm to Hem: 33”Slit: Slit is included in U-H Measurement - but the slit is approximately 10"
Price: $180 includes tracked shipping. Due to COVID delays, this will take about two weeks to arrive

Artist: Israel Anciola Hernandez of Tocuaro, Michoacan Mexico


Jennifer Bjarnason - Proprietress