Hand Embroidered Tea Towel - Dia de Muertos

Hand Embroidered Tea Towel - Dia de Muertos


These beautiful tea towels are hand embroidered in the P'urepecha village of Santa Cruz.  Most of our collection focuses on the traditional P'urepecha way of life around the Lake Patzcuaro Region of the P'urepecha Plateau, located in the Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico.  These are fantastic treasures, and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves folk art, indigenous textiles, and handmade gifts.

This beautiful tea towel wa hand embroiered by Cristina Barriga Barriga, and is an illustration of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), which is the most celebrated of all observations in the Lake Patzcuaro region.  Often wrongly conflated with Halloween, Dia de Muertos does have commonalities with the Celtic tradition of ancestor worship, Samhain.  In P'urepecha culture, this ritual begins with cleaning the cemetery, then decorating the graves of loved ones, transforming the cemeteries into ornate offerings of symbolic flowers, and favourite foods of the deceased.  The offrendas seen here are world famous, and one of the most popular, albeit crowded, times to visit the P'urepecha Highlands.



Jennifer Bjarnason - Proprietress