Hand Embroidered Tea Towel

Hand Embroidered Tea Towel


These beautiful tea towels are hand embroidered in the P'urepecha village of Santa Cruz.  Most of our collection focuses on the traditional P'urepecha way of life around the Lake Patzcuaro Region of the P'urepecha Plateau, located in the Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico.  These are fantastic treasures, and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves folk art, indigenous textiles, and handmade gifts.

These tea towels are exquisite examples of the more elegant and ornamented pieces from the P'urepecha village of Santa Cruz and Municipality of Tzintzuntzan.  These would make a beautiful gift for newlyweds, or for any occasion that encourages elegance.  

P'urepecha Tea Towels


Jennifer Bjarnason - Proprietress