Hand Embroidered Tea Towel - Harvesting Prickly Cactus

Hand Embroidered Tea Towel - Harvesting Prickly Cactus


These beautiful tea towels are hand embroidered in the P'urepecha village of Santa Cruz.  Most of our collection focuses on the traditional P'urepecha way of life around the Lake Patzcuaro Region of the P'urepecha Plateau, located in the Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico.  These are fantastic treasures, and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves folk art, indigenous textiles, and handmade gifts.

Tunas are a delicious, seed filled fruit that grows on cactus plants, and are very common in P'urepecha textiles due to the importance of the harvest.  The imagery often includes a couple harvesting the plant, with long sticks to knock the fruits down without getting injured, and baskets to catch the fruits so they don't get bruised.  When you come to Mexico, we highly recommend trying different varietals of Tuna!


Jennifer Bjarnason - Proprietress