Maya Back Strap Loom Face Masks

Maya Back Strap Loom Face Masks


These lovely pieces were loomed on backstrap looms by Maya weavers from the Chiapas village of Zinacantan.  These masks have adjustable elastic that fits neatly under and over the ears, making a very comfortable fit.  Once you have adjusted your mask and tied it, it isn't necessary to untie again, as you can pull it on and off easily.  

The last photo shows how the sides can be gathered for extra comfort.


This piece is listed with Beige & Blue Masks.  The photo shows light tone, but the beige and blue are darker in real life.

These masks are a beautiful example of the backstrap loom textiles that hail from the Maya territories of the Chiapas Highlands, and are especially popular with men who want something stylish and handmade.  We have several colours in stock, for mix-matching with your wardrobe!