Miniature Corn Grinder by Sergio Velasquez

Miniature Corn Grinder by Sergio Velasquez


Miniatures may be small, but can still pack some weight.  At 1.75 KG, this miniature only measures 8 cm long, 4 cm wide and 5 cm high.  Cleverly executed, this piece has four limb-bones distributed for effect.  Three are used for legs, and one is used for the grinder.  Please note:  The grinder is a separate piece, and will sometimes roll off the piece.  It has to be in the right position to stay still - you can play with it!  We suggest keeping a piece like this on a stationary shelf that isn't likely to get bumped often.  That said - this piece is absolutely precious!

The red colour of the copper is done using a heat process.  This color is permanent, and will not change for many years, due to a laquer that is applied upon completion.

This little treasurse is perfect giftware for your kitchen - and will also appeal to anyone who loves skulls and bones!  

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