This piece is made using aida cloth, which is store-bought.  The design that covers the back and front top torso is created using a pull-through embroidery technique.  It is hard to imagine how long it takes to learn these patterns by heart, to create them without patterns.  The difficulty of this technique lies in counting the spaces on the Aida cloth, which serves like miniscule fabric graph paper.  The piece of thread is stitched from one end to the other, without any knots being created.  It is difficult to keep the tension even, as it is to important to make sure the exposed threads don't get pulled.  In a sense, this form of embroidery is similar to weaving - only with a needle.  Once the aida cloth design is complete, it is sewn onto the cotton blouse as a fabric overlay.

This unique blouse should fit someone with a 36" chest measurement.  The underarm to hip measures 14".

Nahua Embroidered Blouse