Pottery by Hernandez Studio

Pottery by Hernandez Studio


This lovely piece was created in the Hernandez family studio in the small town of Zinapecuaro.  What makes the pottery of Zinapecuaro unique, is their use of negative or resist technique.  Similar to how Batik and Ankara cloth is made, resist technique in Zinapecuaro involves painting the pieces with a resin-like material, glazing the piece, and then removing the resin to reveal a negative pattern.

Resist technique has been present in Mesoamerica throughout history, and was utilized by P'urepecha potters in this region of Michoacan.  Through a long process of experimentation, the Hernandez family was successful in recreating this technique.  

Established in 1815, the artists of the Hernandez family have kept the traditions of their forefathers alive for over 200 years.  We offer workshops with the Hernandez family, at their workshop space in Zinapecuaro.  If you are interested in group classes here for personal interest, or for a field study, please contact us for more information


Jennifer Bjarnason - Proprietress