The Purepecha are a lesser-known indigenous group in Mexico.  They inhabit the Highland region of Michoacan, which is famed for La Ruta Don Vasco.  The Purepecha was so mighty, they managed to keep the Aztecs out of their territory.  Sometimes incorrectly referred to as Tarascan, there are approximately 30,000 Purepecha who still speak their language fluently.


This neutral piece has been woven from hand-spun wool and lined with cotton.  Though the wool was woven on a back-strap loom, the purse itself (with lining) was sewn using a sewing machine. This bag is 15" x 13" with a strap that measures  36" long.  This piece does not have a flap - but is open at the top like a tote bag - only with a purse strap long enough to hang over your body!

Purepecha Woven Tote Purse

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