This exquisite piece is an authentic Nahua Shawl, woven on a backstrap loom by Nahua Artist Estela Vargas of Santa Ana Tzacuala, Acaxochitlan Hidalgo Mexico.  Estela Vargas harvests Anil for its natural indigo pigment - which was used to dye the raw wool used to weave this lovely garment.


The Nahua word for this cape-like garment is Quexquemetl.  Though most would expect to wear this with the points pointing towards the middle of the body, it is actually worn with the tips pointing towards the wrists - so the longer fabric covers the arms.  Quexquemetl's are worn in the mountainous regions of Mexico where it can be quite cool - and a garment like this is perfect for cool weather.  

We look forward to visiting Estela Vargas again - and purchasing more of her exquisite pieces to share.

Quexquemetl by Estela Vargas