More commonly known as the Tarahumara peoples of the Copper Canyon, the Raramuri peoples once migrated within the canyons - spending their summers in the Sierra Tarahumara, and their winters in the tropical lowlands.  Due to the impacts of colonization, the Raramuri became divided into two, now distinct, groups - and it is those who live in the mountains who weave beautiful purses.  Some of them are decorated with the colorful cotton cloth used to sew their clothing, while others are bound with decorations that mimic people.  These small details make the handicrafts of the Raramuri endearing, and quite easy to recognize.  

This piece has been woven from acrylic yarn.  This bag is 9" x 8" with a strap that measures 46" long.  The overhang on the front measures 2.5" woven material with a spiral-twisted fringe that is 3.5"

Raramuri (Tarahumara) Woven Purse

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