Sacred Milagro Heart

Sacred Milagro Heart


Milagros, or "Miracles," are a precious art form that originates with the Catholic Church. The devout would pin these small metal "miracles" onto the robes of specific saints as a form of prayer and well wishes. In the churches of Mexico, milagros are found pinned to prayer boards, where they can also leave a photograph of the person they are praying for.


We remain unclear as to where the tradition of creating art pieces from milagros came from - whether it was transported to Mexico, or created here. Regardless, they are mesmerizing and beautiful reminders of history, and are truly fascinating to study. Milagros come in various forms of religious art here - from carved saints, Our Lady Guadalupe, hearts and crosses - all ornamented with various milagros. One will find pregnant women, various organs, praying people, limbs, animals, crosses saints, roses, and locks. These all have different meanings attached to them - such as the eyes being for improved vision, organs for good health (a heart is a prayer for someone with heart disease etc), the limbs are for healing broken bones, animals are prayers that the livestock will thrive - and so on.


We can't seem to keep these in stock - and it's little wonder, especially during a Pandemic when good luck and miracles encourage the positive law of attraction.



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